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Book publishing

2nd edition reissues of our 3 books

They are now available from up-to-date bookshops, Waterstones or direct from the distributor Central Books, and have been much updated, improved and are in a fitter final form. For more information and to order, visit our books’ webpage. Thanks to the paper merchant, printer and distributor, enjoy.

  • The Journey of Larks is based on wordplay and graphic shenanigans.
  • Life an illustrated day in the life of somebody.
  • Punctuation..? an informative, educational and fun book that explains the functions and correct uses of 21 of the most used punctuation marks.

January 2012.

The title ‘The journey of larks’ in large black typography at the top left. A cartoon man jumping off the authors name ‘User Design’, off a diving board, into water that it made up of letters The title ‘Life’ in large thin drawn handwriting, at the top left. Then horizontal lines dividing the page vertically The title ‘Punctuation..?’ in large black typography at the top. Then below at the bottom, cartoon woman and man looking at each other, looking confused with their arms in the air