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Welcome our self-published books website. Here you can find more information about our 3 illustrated books: The journey of larks, Life and Punctuation..? They can all be ordered from your local up-to-date bookshops, Waterstones, direct from the distributor Central Books, or from many other places. More information can be found on the webpage links below. Enjoy.


Illustration from User Design, shows a woman flying on a book over the world

➜ The journey of larks

Link to the book: Journey of larks webpage


The journey of larks is played with language, words, illustration and typographic shenanigans:

  • A wince of dentists.
  • A lot of used car-dealers.
  • A watch of Swiss.

The wit and poetry of this charming collection of collectives, will be gobbled up by anyone who enjoys word play and graphic communication.

Book type

Picture book, word play and graphic communication shenanigans.

➜ Life

Link to book: Life, webpage


A picture-led book (no text) story about one day in the life of somebody.

Book type

Picture book (no text), coffee table.

➜ Punctuation..?

Link to the book: Punctuation..?, webpage


Punctuation..? explains the functions and correct uses of 21 of the most used punctuation marks. It is humorous, fully illustrated using real life scenarios and is for a wide age range (young to ageing) and intelligence (emerging to experts).

Book type

Informative, educational, fun.

Free copies of our books for book reviewers

If you would like to review any of our 3 books and feel you can promote them, we can sort out free copies for you. Contact us and tell us about yourself.

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We updated our name from User Design to User Design, Illustration and Typesetting in 2015.

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