On-location photography shoots

Colour, tone, lighting and perspective are important elements and wetypically shoot in a high-resolution RAW file format capturing the essence of what you want to say and communicate. We can also take some unusual or slightly different photos than specified in your brief, and can improve the feeling, tone and colour branding of your photography using colour grading, an aspect that is very effective. Photography is a good way to communicate in a realistic, precise and credible way, giving you a lot of quality content to use and communicate with for many years.

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We can travel and photograph

  • Art and sculpture.
  • Buildings.
  • Events.
  • Landscapes.
  • City streets.
  • Objects.
  • People.
  • Places.

Below is a selection of projects to give you an idea of just some of the projects we have worked on.

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Friends of New Walk.

Project title

New Walk publicity photos.


Photography + Photo editing.

About the client

Charity that effectively monitors and influences the future of New Walk, Leicester’s historic walkway in the city centre.

Client’s needs

The client needed photos for publicity communications because many of the ones they had, were not at a high enough image-resolution.

Upper New Walk showing the street sign leading up to the top and showing old black lamp posts

Feature emphasis.

Blue round historical plaque for Ernest William Gimson

Feature emphasis.

The front of New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, shows a large building with a 4-column architectural design and the front entrance

Museum, architecture.

Photograph of daffodils close-up with green grass behind, then The Belmont Hotel Leicester in the background, and other high office buildings and trees in the background

Street scene, spring.

Shows The Clicker sculpture by John Atkin on New Walk, with iron railings and offices behind it, then straw like yellow thin plants waving in the breeze, in front of the sculpture. The sculpture is a green marbled abstract figure of a person


Shows that start of lower New Walk going under an iron gate feature, with buildings and trees on the left and right


Shows New Walk (a lane) going down, an old lamppost on the left, with a large church also on the left. Then shows a woman walking down New Walk with a bright yellow mustard coat on. The photograph is in the winter and shows the snow on the ground

Snow, winter, lifestyle.

Straight shot of New Walk, lovely yellow, green and orange leaves in the trees above, then a woman walking down and a woman walking up to the right. Trees on the left and right

Street scene.

Shows a side-on photograph of half-way up New Walk, black railings down the left, a daffodil bed at the front, then woman walking with her hands in pocket and earphones on, enjoying the bright sun

Street scene, spring, health.

Photography at night time of half-way down New Walk, showing the Belmont Hotel on the left, with cars whizzing across. Shows a bright street light

Night time, motion blur.

Photography at night time outside Leicester Museums and Galleries, shows a bright street light on the left, and a blurred woman jogger with an orange top on running past the museum which is on the right

Night time, lifestyle, motion blur.

Shows New Walk (a lane) going across the middle of the photo, with the IBM office behind it which is a light grey concrete building. Show an iron gate at the front and people walking behind it down New Walk

Architecture, street scene.

Large tree, in a triangle shape, then many yellow, red and orange, leaves. Row of houses behind the large tree, and green grass in front of the tree. 2 people walking under the tree


Ground to sky photo of New Walk looking all the way up, with autumn orange leaves on the ground running up the right hand-side. Trees on the left and right with 2 people walking at the top. Building on the left

Street scene, autumn.

Outline of what we did

We photographed all the photographs the client needed, and even photographed extra ones, giving them some different and unusual ones to choose from. Additionally we colour corrected, cropped and formatted the images, giving the client quality photographs without having to spend a lot of time sourcing and buying other photographer’s photos, or searching through stock photography websites. The client received many good quality useful photos, that can also be used at a large size and on 4K+ and retina monitors, with no complex licensing requirements by us.

3 main improvements for them

  • Better photographs, that can be used at a large size, around A2 in size at 300 DPI, with no significant loss in image quality.
  • A substantial reduction in the client’s time, project time, resources, cost and efforts.
  • Communication of the client’s aspirations and objectives.
Helped relate the past and the present



Project title

Stock photography.


Photography + Photo editing.

Portfolio link

View portfolio.

About the client

1 of the top 5 stock photography agencies worldwide, based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Their clients range from the general public, to the photography, publishing and advertising industries.

Alamy logo, shows the word 'alamy' in large lowercase extra bold letters, on a bright fluorescent green rectangle background

Outline of what we did

You can buy our photographs using a range of licensing options to suit your needs. Licenses range from use on a personal website, to worldwide unlimited reuse on billboards. The photographs are available to use for either commercial or non‑commercial use. Commercial means you that can use the photograph to promote and sell a product, or on the front of a book cover (for instance). Non‑commercial means the photograph is only available to use for editorial purposes, for reporting on events, like inside books or newspapers, where the photograph is not being used directly to make income. The photographs go through quality control checks and have to be shot with a high‑quality camera and lens. Not all of our photography work is published with Alamy, contact us to enquire what else we have.

Project series

In addition to our main portfolio with Alamy, we occasionally do photographic documentary projects and series. Below are links to series albums on our Alamy portfolio:

Inspirational change

3 results of on-location photography shoots by us

 1 Creative and unusual photographs of what you need with excellent light and colour.

 2 A wide-range of photographs to choose from and utilise for many years.

 3 Simple reuse and licensing options.

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